The fascination for the color appeared when my first box of Caran d'Ache crayons opened ... Since then, my eyes have been attracted by the bright colors. Later, discovering the fauves, mainly Henri Matisse and André Derain, a whole gay, lively and optimistic pictorial universe imposed on me.
My artistic approach is based on my inner quest by combining this colorful universe ... I call it my "joyful introspection" ...

Identity is at the same time an organized crystallization of feelings, experiences and a constant tension of projects in order to attempt the difficult unity of a self-image.
Like her, my work is constantly evolving. I first worked on a fragmented, fragmented and dislocated representation that tirelessly referred to the question of "who are you?"
Introspection lived not so much through the subject as in his treatment, canvas after canvas, piece by piece, deep and long sowing work. The blue of my characters is then central, color of what is not more or what is not yet ... it allows to destroy and rebuild in order to better deliver my experience to the gaze of the other.

Today, this long disruptive Arthérapie revealed what was hidden. After so many fragmentations, the solution of the "I am who I am" naturally imposed itself.
I now consider my paintings as so many colorful radiographs of my gathered existence. The present and the past intersect and play together in the same movement with light. And it is without denial that one discovers everywhere an indelible scar, a sort of crack that does exactly what we are. For the Past is a vital necessity for an ego that erroneously believes in its autonomy, whereas it is based on an accumulation of memories, to which it unconsciously refers. My permanent and frontal will to arouse an emotion is an injunction to the eye ... it must become the committed witness of a slice of life in order to feel also an actor in movement ...
As a collateral advantage, there is also this quest for the sensitive, the fragile and the sensual, both artistic and spiritual which calls emotions like fear, pleasure, pain, remembrance or wonder.
Speaking of my experience, I aspire to touch the universal.