Painter, Sylvaine Laurent took at first other ways that that of the Art, but the drawing in always been preexisting as a necessary, fortifying gesture(movement) before the childhood. 
From 2010, she(it) dedicates itself totally to her(its) Art and begins to expose(explain) under the name of Marg Ó. At the same time(in parallel), she(it) forms to diverse techniques in workshop(studio), to the Fine arts(School of Fine Arts) as auditor and within the Academy(Regional education authority) the Big Thatched cottage.
There is in the work a collection(quest) of the sensitive, the fragile and the felt, with the color for language of the feelings.


"Each artist and guard, deep down, a single source that powers during his life what it is and what it says." Albert Camus

You can see some of my works
Art Design Gallery
524 Avenue du Général de Gaulle -
64210 Guéthary
Chaque artiste garde ainsi, au fond de lui, une source unique qui alimente pendant sa vie ce qu'il est et ce qu'il dit. Albert Camu

Artiste côtée Drouot

Member of the Académie des Beaux Arts du Québec